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To contribute towards the Corporate Social Responsibility our group has established a charitable organisation by the name of NCG Foundation in the year 2014 that works for the benefits of the Community, Environment and improving the life of people and Farmers. Through the vision, expertise, experience, innovations and true commitment,we are able to achieve success with the society and it is even appreciated by the people who have been benefitted by it. Our main aim is to grow with the society and increase their sustaining power.

Towards the Farmers

Chordia group were the pioneer’s in introducing the idea of integrated township to the city of Jaipur in early twentieth century and therefore,it was our first and the primary duty to take care of the farmers and the owners who will be selling their land to us. These farmers had spent most of their life nurturing the land and would have also been the primary source of income for them. For many years there are many new entrants in this industry and as a result there are lots of instances and cases came up of fraud and illtreatment with the farmers when it came to acquiring the land.

Chordia Group in this case was futuristic and always focused on farmer welfare by different means. We believe that apart from accurate compensation and hassle free proceedings of the land acquired, it is also our duty to show a path of future employment and education for the children for future growth. As a part of planning the townships we also include some part of commercial development around the residential like grocery stores, vegetable market and other daily need shops and offer the farmers to take ownership of those. Chordia City is a perfect example of this. We ensured that one of the primary concern of farmers to provide education to their children is also catered. And therefore, we came up with building a school in our township. A School has been built currently managed by private organisers who are well versed with the concerns and economic conditions of the families staying in the vicinity and therefore they embedded a special quota for the children of these families. They provide education to the children at a very subsidised rate which is essential to uplift the lower income groups. Togetherwe believe to return as much as we can to up-bring the living standards of the people living within and around our constructed masterpieces.

Towards Environment

We possess a specialized, skilled and proficient team who have a good amount of experience in the field of construction. And as a result, we know this better on how we can utilize the best of the architecture and construction techniques to conserve the nature and environment. We believe in returning back to the Mother Nature to best of we can as we all are her creations. Through our futuristic and innovative planning, we aim at minimising the carbon footprint and increasing the opportunity for the environment to regain fresh air to breath for the people who reside in our townships. On one hand we ensure that there is enough green cover in our townships, at the same time we believe in making our buildings eco-friendly that can bring down the maintenance cost and the utility bills. That is, we construct our buildings to be more energy efficient, use water appropriately and conserve natural resources through proper ventilation and abundant natural light, better waste disposal and much more. Together we work towards making a healthier and nature friendly place to reside. Continuing with the thought of reducing carbon footprint we work in accordance of minimizing the use of paper in the day to day dealings.

Towards the Community

We at Chordia Group have seen the society growing in the Jaipur city. Since the early 90’s till today we have seen the city growing double its size and so the population too has increased. As we are too a part of the same tree, it is our foremost duty to help the society though the learnings in our business. Continuing with the best practices we had learnt and showcased in past, we were also involved in many social activities in our city. Have organised many blood donation camps as we believe it is the biggest contribution towards the society. At the same time we have even built Shree Ram Vrudhashram located on the main Tonk Road to serve the elderly homeless citizens of the city.

NCG Foundation also have strict mandates against the prevailing Child Labour. And therefore, we follow the no child labour policy and ensure none of the worker on our sites is below the age fixed by the government.

Upcomming Initiatives

NCG Foundation is working with a strong vision to medically help and cure the ailments community suffers for. Going with this thought process we are coming up with Mobile Health Clinics. These will work as easy access points in the areas where these will be visiting targeting mostly slums and vicinities with families under lower income group category. These mobile vans will be equipped with qualified MBBS doctors with trained assistants and a lab technician along with all necessary equipment. They will provide free check-up and diagnose facilities catering to the ailments like Common Cold, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Blood Group, CBC, Dengue, Thyroid, Lipid Profile, Malaria, ECG, Osteoporosis, ENT Check-up, Blood Pressure and much more.

In addition to it we are also starting with Medical Assistance Programme. The main aim of this programme will be to provide medical and financial assistance to patients who are not able to afford the expenses of surgery or treatments. Apart from this we are starting with a Cleanliness Initiative under which will target to stop the spread of communicable diseases like malaria, dengue, etc. The initiative will cover cleaning of drinking water tanks or access points in schools, colleges and housing societies and at the same time ensuring that the drains are clean. This will also include installing of waste or garbage disposal bins in housing societies which will be our step towards making our society clean and better place to live.

NCG foundation believes in implementing and following the CSR activities to an extent that these bring modest transformations in the world we live in. A properly planned initiative of this kind can improve productivity, enhance human efficiency, best risk management, enhanced customer experience and loyalty and much more which in turn increases the profits and market share. Chordia Group is a strong believer in – “Our businesses cannot fly, if the society around us can’t transform with the change”. This can be in the form of serving, helping or educating as per the best practices and our experience. This will increase the acceptance of us and at the same time help the society to grow.