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Construction at NCG

NCG Developer & Infrastructure has an experienced, competent and skilled team in the field of construction. We have constructed some well appreciated construction projects in the city which are masterpieces in the field of real estate.

Introduction of Nitin Chordia

Mr. Nitin Chordia, initiated the NCG Developer & Infrastructure with an aim to setup an establishment that Provides best quality construction and allied services to our esteemed customers with utmost reliability, trust and complete timeliness and safety.

Nitin Chordia is a commerce graduate and a co-founder of NCG and comes with a rich 12+ years of experience in real estate. Since his childhood Nitin had an inclination towards the real estate business and therefore, he joined the family business in 2003. He is an adventurous person, loves to travel different places and at the same time has a zeal to understand new concepts, architectures and designs.

Working closely with his father Mr. Vinay Chordia on real estate development, he gained much knowledge year on year. He currently looks into the Construction and Business Development at NCG along with diversification initiatives. He is passionate and works with a motto of bringing in revolutionary ideas which can transform the existing concepts and strengthen the company’s hold on the industry. Nitin has a futuristic mindset and working forward to merge contemporary standards and corporate strategies with modern day innovations. He has faith in building on customer’s trust as an asset to the company by delivering best in class quality and excellence. He strongly supports the environment and Eco friendly projects which also benefit our customers and is the need of future.

Safety, Quality Services and Satisfaction

Safety at our construction sites, Best Quality of building material used with unmatched services to achieve the ultimate customer satisfaction are the key priorities of NCG. These are achieved by specially skilled task force and the checks performed by them at each stage of construction. We ensure that this team is regulary trained as per the changing industrial methods and international standards. At the same time the team of engineers working at the site also ensures that every possible steps are taken to ensure the safety of construction workers at each step and this is an integral part since architectural planning. All this is organized in order to ensure that the built up product matches to the requirements of our customer within notified timelines for 100% satisfaction.

We believe in, Green Culture

NCG believes in green culture, that is we plan our architectures in such a way that they are more Eco friendly and conserve natural resources with the best possible alternative. With a such deep roots and rich experience in the field of real estate, we possess skills professionals involved in the planning and development of great structures. Regarding the same we also work towards landscaping the surroundings to have a more greener touch to the buildings. The Eco friendly structures are enriched techniques that they consume less electricity and utilize the sunlight to light the spaces. At the same time these should be efficient and consume less water and reduce the wastage with the help of proper drainage.

We believe that every small step taken towards building Eco friendly structures will help us achieve a greener future one day. NCG is an active participant in this long journey and will be remembered by the fellow builders in the near future.

Offered Services

One of our primary services forms part of the Construction Management. We prioritize the customer requirements and the budget they foresee for the constructions and offer the project planning and architecture accordingly. Our services are categorised in two parts namely Pre-construction and Construction. In the pre-construction phase we involve some key persons from our team who perform value analysis for eliminating ad hoc and unforeseen cost, valued decision making, to the point planning of built area plus budget required, etc. The efficiency of this team can be easily felt and seen during the two phases of our services. At the same time during the Construction phase of the project the execution of the planning done for material and sub-contractor services is done to reduce the lead time and on-time fully operational delivery of the project.

Key Skilled Manpower

S. No. Description Numbers
1 Director 1
2 General Manager 1
3 Technical Staff 5
4 Supervisor 5
5 Store Incharge 4
6 Project Manager 3
7 Other Skilled Workforce 24


NCG Developers are well equipped with required infrastructure, machines and tools that help in expediting the construction process. These are:

S. No.
Concrete Pump
Concrete Batching Plant 20 M-Cube & 30 M-Cube
Tower Crain up to  100 Mtr. Height 
JCB Mechanical Loader
Earth Excavator
CC Road Set
4 Poll Lift 45 Mtr. Height
Generators  D.G. Set  7.5 KVA to 63.5 KVA
Shuttering Materials
a. Steel  Ledger
20,000 Nos.
b. 2.57 mtr&  3.96 mtr
27,500 Nos. 
c. Steel & Ply & vertical ledger Shuttering  Plates
90,000 SFT.
d. Scaffolding  Material
50,000 SFT.
Bar Bending Machine
8 Nos.
Bar Cutting Machine
5 Nos.
Block / Cement Bricks Making Machine  (Cosmos)  
1 Nos
Hammer Cutter  (RCC)
5 Nos.
Colum's & Farma
250 Nos. 
Jeep Mahindra Make &  Cars
4 Nos. 
Utility Vehicles / Camper Type
2 Nos. 
Tractors  (On Hire)
5 Nos.
Bull Machine Make Loader
3 Nos. 
Trucks Carriage Vehicles
2 Nos.
Mixers Hooper Type
4 Nos.
Electrical Mixers Manually
6 Nos. 
Weight  Batcher
2 Nos.
Vibrators Plates & Rods
45 Nos. 
Vibrators  (Compactor)
25 Nos.
Stone Cutting Machine
3 Nos.
Floor Polishing Machines
5 Nos.
Welding Sets  
5 Nos.
Water Pumps  
25 Nos

Our Work Ethics

It is a genuine belief of Mr. Nitin Chordia that any work done with complete dedication, commitment and in accordance with the core values will reap the aspired results and high degree of client satisfaction. Some of these values are:

  • Transparency & Integrity – towards investors, customers and client
  • Leading by Example – for us and for our fellow Competitors
  • Innovation and Transformation
  • Goal Oriented Planning
  • Unmatched Work Culture and Ethics
  • Setting New Benchmarks in the industry
  • Training and Growth of our Workforce (Internal Stakeholders)
  • Sincerity and Loyalty
Service Tax No: AFVPC4348BSD001
Tan No: JPRN06123F